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Filing a lawsuit against a major corporation such as PG&E might sound complicated and expensive. At our firm, our mission is to protect your legal rights and minimize these burdens. Below are the simple steps to follow if you wish to pursue compensation for your fire-related losses.

Step-By-Step Guide: Your PG&E Wildfire Lawsuit

  1. The first step in pursuing your claim is to obtain an initial case review from a knowledgeable attorney. Our lawyers have over 25 years’ experience in complex mass tort cases and provide legal consultations at no cost.
  2. After an initial consultation, your attorney will review records to confirm that your property damage, business losses, and any personal injuries are adequately documented.
  3. Following a review of your records, your attorney will advise you on the appropriate legal strategy for your case. This will include when and in which jurisdiction to file your case, and how to best position your claim for settlement negotiations.
  4. Once litigation begins in your case, you are not likely to experience significant demands on your time. Your lawyer will have the information needed to carry your claim forward and will keep you informed of all developments in your case.
  5. Most cases will not proceed to a jury trial. The majority of lawsuits are resolved through settlement negotiations or other pretrial procedures. You and your lawyer will review any settlement offers together, and your case will only be resolved if you find the terms agreeable.
  6. In the rare event your case goes to trial, your attorney will discuss in detail what additional actions may be required of you.
  7. At no time will you be required to pay out-of-pocket legal fees or expenses. Our firm represents clients on a no-fee, contingency basis. This means our fees and costs are recovered only as a percentage of any favorable result we achieve at the end of your case.

Our attorneys can answer additional questions about the litigation process and what to expect during a free phone consultation.

Be Aware of Time Limits

As with any legal case, your PG&E wildfire lawsuit will be subject to certain time limitations that can restrict your ability to pursue compensation (known as the statute of limitations). While the PG&E litigation is still in the early stages, we encourage you to consult an attorney in a timely manner to understand your legal rights and prepare your claim. Reach our office at (707) 757-7610 or through our brief online form at any time to get started.