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No-Fee Policy

Our firm is committed to helping California fire victims without imposing added financial burdens on you and your family. Under our no-fee policy, you will not pay any of the following out of pocket if you choose to pursue a claim against PG&E:

  • No hourly fees
  • No case costs
  • No litigation expenses

Instead, our fees and costs are recovered only as a portion of any favorable settlement or judgment we ultimately obtain on your behalf.

This is known as a contingency fee.

More specifically, attorneys’ fees are collected as an agreed percentage of the gross amount recovered at the conclusion of your lawsuit, followed by a deduction for case costs and litigation expenses.

If your case is not successful (i.e., if we do not obtain a monetary recovery on your behalf), then you pay zero fees, costs, or expenses of any kind.

Our Firm’s Fee Percentage

As part of our commitment to the long-term recovery effort, we immediately reduced the attorneys’ fees percentage for all our firm’s wildfire clients. We believe in returning you to financial security following these disasters and encourage you to ask for details about our fees and costs during your initial consultation.

Legal Funding Companies

We understand that litigation moves slowly and some of our clients might face financial concerns while their cases are pending. Legal funding companies target individuals who have filed lawsuits to offer loans during litigation. But we advise caution.

In exchange for your loan, the lender will claim a lien against any money damages you ultimately recover in your case. While this may sound like a fair exchange, these companies often charge application and processing fees, compound interest rates, and other significant expenses that could leave you in a worse position than when your case began. The use of legal funding can also impact your eligibility for government assistance programs.

If you must consider legal funding, however, our attorneys can guide you toward a reputable lender and give you information on how to minimize interest and fees.

Claims Purchasing Companies

Wildfire victims might also receive solicitation letters from companies offering to purchase tort claims against PG&E, whether or not you have filed your case in court. Generally speaking, solicitation offers such as these propose to pay a fraction of the value of your claim (based strictly on the economic damages portion) in exchange for an assignment of rights to your entire claim. In other words, if you agreed to the proposal, you would lose the right to pursue the full value of your claims against PG&E (for both economic and non-economic damages) and those rights would pass to the purchasing company. Again, we advise caution as solicitation offers like these are made with the advantage of the offering purchaser in mind.

PG&E Emergency Assistance Fund

As part of the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, PG&E filed a motion to establish an emergency fund to assist wildfire victims. The fund would allow individuals and families facing significant hardships to apply for assistance with living expenses. Given the extent of the damages caused by the 2017 North Bay Fires and the 2018 Camp Fire, the proposed fund of $100 million is inadequate to make any long-term impact for fire survivors. However, after the bankruptcy court approves the release of these funds, our attorneys can assist you in applying for whatever emergency relief payments are available.

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We invite you to contact our firm at any time with questions about our no-fee policy or other financial concerns about pursuing your PG&E wildfire lawsuit.