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No-Fee Policy

Our firm is committed to helping North Bay wildfire victims without imposing any financial burden on you and your family. Under our no-fee policy, you will not pay any of the following out of pocket if you choose to file a lawsuit against PG&E:

  • Hourly rates
  • Court costs
  • Litigation expenses

Instead, our fees and costs are recovered only as a portion of any favorable settlement or judgment we ultimately obtain on your behalf. And if your case is not successful you pay zero.

This is known as a contingent fee arrangement.

More specifically, attorneys’ fees are collected as a percentage of the gross amount recovered at the conclusion of your lawsuit, followed by a deduction for litigation costs and expenses.

As part of our commitment to the long-term recovery and rebuilding effort, we are charging only the necessary attorneys’ fees percentage to our firm’s wildfire clients. We believe in returning you to financial security following this disaster and encourage you to inquire about this percentage at the outset of your case.

Legal Funding – A Word of Caution

We understand that some of our clients might face financial concerns while their cases are pending. Legal funding companies target individuals who have filed lawsuits to offer loans during litigation. But we advise caution.

In exchange for your loan, the lender will claim a lien against any money damages you ultimately recover in your case. While this may sound like a fair exchange, these companies often charge application and processing fees, compound interest rates, and other significant expenses that may leave you in a worse position than when your case began. The use of legal funding can also impact your eligibility for government assistance programs.

If you must consider legal funding, however, our attorneys can guide you toward a reputable lender and give you information on how to minimize interest and fees.

Contact Us With Your Questions

We invite you to contact our firm at any time with questions about our no-fee policy or other financial concerns about pursuing your PG&E wildfire lawsuit.